That Is What Steroids Will Do To You!
by: el_capitan_puede
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That is exactly whey anabolic steroid use will do to you. EXACTLY!

Never used steroids myself, don't want or need to look like an ape or fire
fighter (redundant).

But I bet you this psycho used anabolic steroids to play semi-pro football
and had some kind of pschosis associated with his using them.

Not to mention this guy seems to be angry and imposing, a Greg Wilson like
character just waiting to go off at any moment.

Here's a motive:

Some former Navy Morph Rat (Corpman in WWII whose job in Marine landings was
to adminster morphine to downed Marines and Japanese soldiers who were
dying) told him at a bar that all Hells Angels were going to be rock stars
in the future.

So this guy wants to be a Hells Angel but can't play the guitare and decides
to kill this Dimebag guy after blaming every problem he ever had on his
music and the way it made him feel.

That was following the prediction and revelation by this Morph Rat, who was
also a charter member of the Hells Angels, that they knew every single
aspect of the killer's life, called his mother a hooker, claimed his father
was really Sonny Barger, notorious lead man of the Hells Angels, and then
told the killer that he was goint to do fifteen years in prison, get paroled
in nine, then snitched off by a sadistic fire fighter and serve the
remaining six years.

But before that was going to happen, the Hells Angels were going to take him
under their wing, but the killer had to quit consuming the poison that was
killing him, alcohol, which he did.

Then the Morph Rat brought up Hal Daub and how he had raped the killer's
mother, the government intentionally turned the guy at age 7 into a Vietcong
Hells Angel Guerrilla, and that the Morph Rat and the killer were brothers
because of both being possessed by the spirits of murdered children.

The Morph Rat had been possessed by the spirit of a dead Japanese soldier,
ony fourteen years old when he died on Guadalcanal. The real life fourteen
year old Samarui gave the Morph Rat his Samarui sword on the beach at
Guadalcanal as he administered the morphine to the dying Japanese kid ending
his pain with a smile on his face.

Then came drug addiction, hatred from Americans, and being outcast from
American society which led to the formation of the Hells Angels Motorcycle
Club and everything that followed.

Then again, that's just me. That is what I was told, but I refuse to be a

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