I had the problem that Verizon and all other providers work very poorly in
my home and I usually miss calls. I called Verizon and they said that it may
be years before a new tower is erected. A friend came over with his Sprint
phone and I told him that it would not work. Boy was I wrong!!! He got five
bars everywhere in the house. It turns out the Sprint has a cell site in my
neighborhood. I have now converted to Sprint. You need to purchase the
service that works for you. If it does not work in your home and everyone
uses your cell phone to contact you, then you need to purchase the service
that works best in your home and in the areas that you travel.


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> Absolutely!! Cingular and AT&T do not work in my house. Sometimes it is
> better in the back room. If you want to conduct a normal conversation on
> Cingular around my house, go outside. After almost two years of their
> stories: new antennas next month, next quarter etc. and with the 'merge'
> (they reprogramed my phone to use ATT towers) it still didn't work. My
> cousin changed from Sprint (her several year phone broke, she was on month
> to month and they told her to BUY a new phone) to Vzw. She came to my
> house and took AND sent pictures from inside my house. I quit Cingular 2
> months early and now can use our phone, reliably from anywhere in or
> around the house.
> Dave
> howmanybars wrote:
>> A friend was here yesterday with a Nokia 6010 on the Cingular network.
>> His phone rang and he carried on a conversation with 4 bars in the very
>> spot my LG3100 Verizon network phone has 1 bar on a good day......and
>> that's spotty. He claimed it might be because it "operates on 850/1900
>> MHz GSM/GPRS networks." I have very good coverage on the second floor but
>> most of the first is spotty at best. His phone blew my away.
>> My phone is a flip phone with no extendable antenna while his Nokia was
>> somewhat larger but with no popup antenna either. I have looked on the
>> Cingular website but found nothing of this claim of GSM/GPRS etc in the
>> way of explanation.
>> I am near the end of my Verizon contract and need coverage in my entire
>> house and if Cingular can do it, that's where I'm going. Has anyone else
>> seen similar differences in coverage between the two networks?
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