I occasionally use a Sanyo 5300 to connect my Powerbook for light web
use. I hate the cable, so I was considering buying an LG pm325
Bluetooth phone today, but I held off until I could get some questions

First off, is it true the phone is crippled and will not work as a
modem? I just talked to a guy at 1-866-PCS-AUTO (where you call for
bluetooth phones) and he told me that Sprint no longer allows their
phones to be used as modems. He told me they 'disabled it'. So I hung
up and tried it with my Powerbook and it connected just fine. Whatever,
I just want to know if the PM325 works as a modem via BT.

Also, how does the LG compare to the Sony t608? I can still purchase
one of them online, so it's still a contender.

Any opinions on either phone and has anybody used them for connecting a
device to the internet?



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