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    hi all,

    just received my first bill showing the changes in the account. basically i
    went from a single line $30 pcs free and clear plan to fair and flexible $70
    plan with additional $10 for the 3rd phone.

    fun time deciphering the bill (changes, additional month advance, etc.) and
    then i come along some activation fees. 2 in fact, one is credited (along
    with the free phone), the other isn't?

    i've searched back through some NG messages about it. some say they can,
    others say they won't tell you but it's in the small print. i know i wasn't
    told it when talking to the csr. i did get locked into a 2 year contract.

    so, i'm wondering if this is correct, what others may have successfully done
    to have it removed, and what this business account difference will make? did
    i read correctly that on a bus. account the $36 fee is n/a?


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    Drupjohn via

    Re: activation fees, business accounts and more

    I'm not sure I get you. You already had a phone and you were charged an
    activation fee for BOTH? (one being creditted?)

    The 'free' phone is the add-a-phone?

    They shouldn't have charged the activation fee for the first phone if you
    already had it, the second activation fee should have been waived if you
    locked in for another 2-years, but it depends on who you spoke to, and the
    particular promo that you got the phone for free.

    FYI, nothing is ever 'free'

    The plan does sound right though.

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