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    I finally upgraded my phone. I've been a loyal, pretty much problem free
    Sprint user for the last 6 years and I had the Samsung N400. I was happy
    with it. But it was beat up pretty good so I went to radio shack and bought
    the Samsung a740. I qualifiied for the "$150 upgrade rebate" Its an ok
    phone so far, its only been a week. On my old phone when I wanted to "text"
    message someone I used what was refered to as "shortmail" This cost me
    nothing as it was part of my plan. It was a simple and quick process of
    connecting first Now with this new phone there is e-mail capabilties, but
    not the "shortmail" I am familiar with. It has text messaging I guess its
    SMS. Am I being charged for these text messages when I send them now? If so
    then I would rather go back to the shortmail. Are there new phones out there
    that still have that shortmail capability? I can still return this one but
    only for another week.



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    Jerome Zelinske

    Re: Samsung a740 text messaging

    There are no new phones out there that still have Short Mail
    capability. The last model that still was a Wireless Web phone was
    discontinued years ago.

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