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    Before the upgrade:
    1. You WILL NEED the power adapter
    2. The upgrade will do a backup for you, but just to be safe I made
    one as well prior to the upgrade.
    3. The upgrade is straight forward. Other than me trying it without a
    power adapter, everything upgraded without errors. Without the power
    adapter it will not let you proceed.

    After the upgrade:
    1. My sync of Calendar and Tasks to Lotus Notes through mNotes
    (Cadenza's commontime) does not work anymore. The T650 reboots when
    it tries to sync calendar.
    2. I removed all the mNotes software from T650 and desktop and tried
    to sync with PalmOne Desktop Calendar/Tasks, but it still resets when
    the sync process reaches the Calendar or Tasks.
    3. The T650 still resets itself when pairing with the car (bmw)
    4. Call voice quality appears to have improved. I had one call with
    my brother who also has a 650 and he noticed an improvement. We've yet
    have to try it in a noisy environemnt though.

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    Re: sprint treo 650 firmware update 1.08 initial reactions

    I too have the mNotes problem. Any idea if a patch is on the way?

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