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    Rob Merkle
    Ok. What's the deal?

    Starting about a week ago all of my SMS messages have been coming in
    with 11 Digit (1+MDN) numbers. My phone (Sanyo 8200) doesn't recognize
    the sender as someone in my contact list, and so it doesn't give me the
    NAME of the person who sent the message. So... If I don't recognize the
    number (which I usually don't) I have to go and retype it into my
    phone and press send to see who's sending the message! ANNOYING!!

    I called SPCS Data Support and they have no solution. I'm not even sure
    that they fully understand my problem. One guy told me to re program
    all my numbers (I have over 120 contacts) with the number 1!!!! WHAT IS
    GOING ON!?!?!?!?


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    Re: TextMessaging(SMS) and the number 1

    Take the 1 out of all your contacts. I had the same problem and after 2
    weeks, I had to figure it out by myself. Good Luck.

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