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> I just called up a Sprint store. I also went online. There are two
> kinds of plans - Free & Clear and Fair & Flexible. I asked for the
> difference. They told me that there is none except that the Free &
> Flexible allows you to pay only $5 per every 100 minutes over your
> plan. With the Free & Clear, you pay a lot more.
> OK. Gotcha so far. So what would I get with Free & Clear that I don't
> get with Fair & Flexible? I was told by the salesperson and her boss
> "nothing, that is why 98% go with the Fair & Flexible."
> Wait, not so fast. I asked him the same question I asked the junior
> salesperson. Why would anyone ever go for the Clear if the Flexible is
> the exact same but with better features if you go over your minutes?
> He answers "some people don't go over their minutes and don't need
> them."

So .... What part of that don't you understand ?
Your starting to sound a lot like the long lost 4th stooge.
If you anticipate going over your minutes, use F&F.
If you don't, use F&C.

Hope this helps

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