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    Steve Sobol

    Re: Roaming: "Sprint" vs "Automatic"

    Paul Miner wrote:

    > It's a small world. Good to hear that you like it but since it's
    > coming up on 20 years since I was out that way, I bet I wouldn't even
    > recognize the place. It would have been nice, and a big boost to the
    > area, to turn the old base into a large airport. Heck, in the future
    > Vegas and LA might actually butt up against Apple Valley.

    At which point I move back to Ohio.

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    See More: Roaming: "Sprint" vs "Automatic"

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    Re: Roaming: "Sprint" vs "Automatic"

    In article <e4mq7195ah8s92j0t29ofgh[email protected]>, [email protected]
    > Ultimately, I'd rather keep my status as "longtime Sprint customer"
    > than become "brand-new Cingular user."

    join alt.cellular.cingular and be warned before you make that leap

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