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    Mark Pondoff
    Does anybody know who this can be done?


    See More: Tracking a Lost Cell Phone

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    Steve Sobol

    Re: Tracking a Lost Cell Phone

    Mark Pondoff wrote:
    > Does anybody know who this can be done?

    Not easily if at all. If you lost a phone, I hope you called as soon as you
    realized it was lost, and had your carrier put it on their blacklist so no
    one else can use it.

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    Re: Tracking a Lost Cell Phone

    In article <%[email protected]>,
    [email protected] says...
    > Does anybody know who this can be done?
    > Thanks,
    > Marky,Mark

    Yes. But not by you, and not by anyone you can call. Wireless Week
    recently did a story location based services (LBS) being used for law
    enforcement purposes, and they mentioned Sprint's policies in a sidebar.

    >> For Sprint, there are clear rules for releasing personal location
    >> information. Under its Customer Proprietary Network Information
    >> policies, Sprint will release only location information if requested
    >> by a lawfully authorized court order served to its Corporate Security
    >> division a simple subpoena won't do it, according to Joe Averkamp,
    >> Sprint's director of business development.
    >> In cases where the customer is trying to track down a stolen handset
    >> or someone has filed a missing person report for a customer,
    >> individuals can submit a written request for location information.
    >> But Sprint also would need a police report and a request from the law
    >> enforcement agency involved, and then it would release only the
    >> location information to the law enforcement agency not the
    >> customer.

    That's the nitty gritty of it. Customer Care CANNOT DO THIS. Ever.
    Sprint still words this policy as strongly today as they did when I left
    a year ago. They will not budge on this. Customer Care doesn't even
    have the software to access this. And Sprint has no intention of giving
    it to them. From that same story:

    >> It's all designed to strike a balance between public safety and
    >> individual privacy, Averkamp says. "We're not necessarily in the
    >> business of giving out our customers' information," he says. "We need
    >> to be contacted by the appropriate authorities with legal
    >> jurisdiction and the appropriate document before we will do it. There
    >> are actually only a handful that have access to [that information]."

    That sounds pretty definite to me.

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    John S.

    Re: Tracking a Lost Cell Phone

    Well, if you happen to see the person pick it up and steal it from you, you
    can track it as long as you have the person in site.

    Otherwise, no.

    "Mark Pondoff" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:%[email protected]
    > Does anybody know who this can be done?
    > Thanks,
    > Marky,Mark

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