If you're happy with you're Sprint service in you're area, more power
to you! This isn't a personal attack on you so don't get bent out of
shape; I'm telling you right upfront that this is a rant.
I just feel that I need to vent about MY experiences with this

First off, I was okay with SPRINT's voice service for a while and was
able to connect when other carriers I've had couldn't. Dunno if it's
the network or the location/proximity to the tower but I was able to
connect at home better than any other carrier so far.

SPRINT's phone service has been worsening steadily in the area I work
(NH - Seacoast.) My wife and I have unlimited mobile to mobile.
It works nice when it works but I'll be damned if I can get a
connection most of the time. It seems like they just don't have the
capacity in the area for the number of subscribers they have so you're
forced to redial ad-nauseum until you can get a "slot".
No thanks.

Add in the piss-poor customer service, the complete run-around with
technicians, even level-2 technicians I've spoken to were no help.

I mean come on! These people are the "face" of you're company for
chrissake. They represent your company to your customers. They are
the first line of contact if your customer has a problem. So I think
it's pretty telling as to what importance SPRINT puts on customer
service by the attitude of it's representatives.
Yes, I know they get thrown in the trenches with minimal training.
Yes, I know there is a staggeringly high turn-around at their call
What difference does that make with regard to the customer's
experience? I'm supposed to be understanding now?
I'm supposed to feel bad that you don't know how to do your job.
Come on!
It doesn't change the fact that my "service experience" was
deplorable. It explains it. But does it help me as a customer?

Don't even get me started on their billing/finance department! I was
in the hospital undergoing surgery on my spine in March with a 2-month
recovery period. I was a little pre-occupied with that and when I was
able to concentrate on my bills, Sprint's overage charges were
astronomical! $500+ in overages alone. Yeah, dumbass, you should
have paid more attention to the bill, I hear you say! Sorry, I had
other plans, like trying to walk again.

Then when my wife spoke to a CSR they sold her on an upgraded plan and
told her they would prorate the overages. HAH!!!
They upgraded the plan alright but the overages stayed on the bill.

When I called back to complain about that they were (no surprise)
COMPLETELY inflexible. CSR's, MANAGERS, right up the line and they
basically told me to screw. Fine, I said, I'll wait out the contract
since I don't want to pay $300 early termination.

So now that the bill is paid off, how about reducing our plan? Well
sure we can do that, but only down to $60 per month.
All I wanted was to drop my service down to something reasonable; $20
per month in case I needed to make an emergency call.
I ask about emergency service plans...
NOPE. Can't do that.


If anyone in this area is even considering going with SPRINT, let me
encourage you not to. My sterling service experience with this
"company" should convince anyone to just NOT.
They are the worst kind of company to deal with.

I also found out today that my work also went with them for our
wireless service and they tell me they completely agree. Absolutely
awful to deal with.

I got better customer service with Virgin Mobile.
I got better customer service with CellOne, before Cingular took over.
I even got better service from Verizon, but that was a long time ago.

I feel violated dealing with SPRINT and frankly I'll take the hit to
get out of the contact. I will NEVER, EVER do business with SPRINT


Thanks, I needed that.

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