I have a question about sound quality to be expected from a cell phone.

For several years, I have used a Samsung SCH-2000 phone with Sprint PCS
service. I just bought a Vox 8610 to use with Virgin Mobile on the
SprintPCS network.

I've placed calls from both phones from the same location to compare
sound quality as best I could. I was surprised that the sound quality
was noticeably better on the SCH-2000 than on the Vox 8610. On the
8610, it sounds like little slices are removed from the sound; very
short cut-outs occur. This happens whether signal strength is very
good or very poor. (It may be that the Vox 8610 drops calls sooner in
a low signal area than the Samsung phone, but I'm not certain about
that. The difference is not great.)

Can anyone offer any insight on this before I try calling customer
support? Is this difference to be expected? Might I have a bad phone?



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