I am currently with Verizon and I am considering switching to sprint to
get a PPC6600. I have a few questions to people who own this phone

#1 Can you program a easily accessable button on the unit to initiate a
wireless bluetooth sync, making syncing much more convenient that
putting it back in the cradle.

#2 Does it fit well in your pocket? Will a screen protector keep it
from getting scratched up by keys and other pocket stuff?

#3 Can you recommend a leather case that allows you still slip it into
your pocket or a belt-clip type of case that allows you to sit down
without it getting in the way.
Most important, a case that doesnt get in the way when you use it a

#4 Any recommended websites for find shareware, freeware and software
for this phone?

#5 How does over the air sync work? Can I just leave my PC connected to
DSL and have my PC and PPC6600 automatically keep in sync without
having to do anything?

#6 Can you set Activesync to automatically backup everything (files
etc.) when you put the unit in the cradle? I don't want to have to
manually execute an comprehensive backup sequence.

#7 For a phone at this price, it seems worth the $5 a month for
insurance through Sprint. Has anyone ever had to get a replacement
covered by this insurance? How long does it take Sprint to send a new
one? Was it a pain to get them to send them a replacement?

#8 How is Sprint's internet access with this phone? They seem to be
offering $15 a month unlimited vs. Verizon's $40+ a month.

#9 Did you find the included memory to be sufficient, or did you need
to expand via the SDIO slot?

#10 Can you recommend a bluetooth headset that you have found to work
well with this phone?

#11 Will the phone sync with all outlook 2003 contacts (I have many
contact folders). I once had a PPC (Dell Axim) where activesync would
only sync contacts in the default folder.

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