Hello everyone....a while back, I was asking about this phone in regards to
how it would work with a Palm device. I didn't get an answer here so I
decided to find out for myself. Here's the scoop on this phone.

When you first look at it and feel it, you think to yourself, "This looks
and feels like a cheap phone." Then I decided to get it anyway and play with
it at home. As I got to know this phone, it grew on me and I was pleasantly
surprised. The ringing is louder than the last phone I had....the screen is
nice and clear...it's very user friendly....and the calls are crystal clear.
Now comes the real goodies!!

I got myself a Logitech Bluetooth headset and it worked easily and well with
my phone. I also have a PalmOne Lifedrive and after searching the internet
for info, I got this phone to work as a modem for my Lifedrive. Works
flawlessly. The Voice Dialing feature is quite nice...it's a shame one has
to pay $5.00 a month more for that feature, but in my line of work, it's
quite a valuable tool to have. Sprint should offer this for free.

After all the playing around I've done in the past few days with this phone,
I have to say I am quite impressed. I'm even more impressed that I got this
phone for under $100.00. This phone might not look like much...but it is
quite the powerful phone. I was afraid at first to get this phone because
I've read where people were having problems with it...but it works like a
charm for me.

If you're looking for a good quality Bluetooth phone for cheap...this is it.
You won't be disappointed.

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