I had a working script that would grab my pics from picture mail and
store them on my home computer.
I simply would mail an email address I set up and it would parse the
html and go and retrieve the full size image.

It seems as though sprint has made some changes and made it much harder
to get MY photos.

Here is how I understand it and how far I can get:

I receive the email and parse out the first url which looks like:

I then grab that content using a perl module called WWW::Mechanize

I then construct the full size image URL as it is a javascript link.
After full reconstruction it looks like this:

Ok the problem is after I set my agent to IE 6 and my referer to the
sized image url I still cannot grab the the full sized image. The
software just leaves out that one img tag.
I'm getting quite frustrated and could use some help.
The tag should be:
border="0" alt="" id="originalView" onLoad="extendheaderfooter()"
name="imgCHANGE ME4">

If I could get full size page to load properly I think I can then d/l
the above image.

I know this is possible as flickr and a bunch of other sites allow you
to upload your sprint pics to them.

Any help would be appreciated!


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