I did an ESN swap on one of my phones yesterday (and I've done a few in the
last two months, and never had anything similar to what's going on with this
one, go wrong).

Anyhow - Called in and did the swap. About 20 minutes later, I got the "The
network is updating your phone settings, please wait a minute, or press end
to suspend the update" - I let it go and do its thing. Afterwards (as I've
done with ever other ESN swap I've done), I did the 'Update Vision Profile'.

Anyhow, waited another hour or so (verified voice was working right off
after the network update message, etc), then tried vision.

I got some message telling me that the application could not be loaded, and
an icon that looked like a key below it. The link (key) was clickable, so I
clicked it. It then brought up a message saying there was a system error,
and to contact my system administrator.

Another thing - I can't login to mypcs with this particular phone number.
It's telling me that its a bad (invalid) number. When I login to mypcs with
any other of my lines numbers, I can login, however when attempting to view
the usage, or plan detail for this particular line (with the pulldown menu),
I get a message telling me that this portion of the website is undergoing
maintenance, or I get that an error occurred while trying to access the
information (this only happens for this line).

Also, when calling *2 from that phone, the system does not recognize it's
number. For example, I call, and it asks me what I'm calling for. I say
"minutes used". It then asks for my PCS number. I enter it, and it tells me
it's not a valid number (this number can not be found, or something to that

I spent over an hour on the phone with Tech Support, and they had me remove
my battery, update my vision profile, re-program the phone, and about 4
other things I can't recall.

Anyhow - is there something going on, after all these changes, that's
causing this? They (Tech Support) said the line is active, and that they
have it in their systems as active. They said the plans setup correctly
(since it's an add-phone, there's really nothing there but vision and sms),
but could offer no solution.

Is this a common issue? (I've never had it happen once, and like I said,
I've probably did 5 ESN swaps in the last 60 days) - so I'm not real clear
as to what's going on.

As of this morning, vision still does not work, and I still can not login,
nor access the account information (using that phones number) online, or via

Any ideas?

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