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    Daniel S. Bago
    Going to add a line to Sprint and wonder any comments on comparison of these
    two phones?

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    Re: Samsung A900 or A920

    I've tried both. I picked up the Blade (for me) and the 920 (for
    spouse). Both are fantastic phones and depending on your needs, you'll
    swing one way or the other. Here are my thoughts on the pros of each:

    **Great form factor
    **Amazing screen
    **Bluetooth works well
    **Great data speeds
    **Voice quality is excellent
    **Great reception
    **Great camera

    **Good battery life
    **Small, but solid
    **Good voice quality
    **Good signal/reception

    For me, I prefer the Blade (A900). The battery on the Blade is
    obviously not as strong as the 920, but with its thin form factor,
    that's obvious. The screen is hard to beat with the Blade and it just
    works for me.

    I'd recommend comparing them side to side in a Sprint Store if
    possible. The size between the two is quite different and if that's an
    issue for you, you can only see that in-hand.

    Best of luck!

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