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    Has anyone seen this behavior? On a seemingly random basis, the phone will
    not power-on by pressing the red phone icon button. I have to do a reset.
    I've done a system reset and this doesn't help. Should I be looking for a
    warranty replacement? I am using Earthlink wireless which I believe is
    actually Sprint behind the scenes.

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    Re: Treo 650 not Responding to Power-On

    I've seen it happen. Not often, but it does indeed happen.

    If it happens every day, I would look for a replacement, it it happens
    one every two weeks or greater ... then welcome to smartphone ownership.

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    Re: Treo 650 not Responding to Power-On

    I re-read you thread. Are you saying that you have to do a HARD reset
    to bring it back?

    Because if that is the case, it isn't normal. The stick in the hole
    should be sufficient.

    You may also have a wayward app. Frequent hard resets are not normal.
    Weekly soft resets are.

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