Hi there. I recently acquired the Sanyo mm8300 as a replacement phone. Long
story short, my cellphone was stolen at a halloween party this past October
2005. The company was unable to replace the Sanyo SCP8200 phone I'd been
using for nearly the past six months, and I was surprised and quite thrilled
to receive (on my birthday of all days talk about perfect timing) the Sanyo
MM8300! I've been using it continually and I absolutely love it! I've found
that at times, my cellphone will work in places where very few if anyone
else has service at all, and I can't tell you how incredibly great it feels
to be one of the few in my little neighborhood with the 8300! One of the
features I've found most impressive is the video camera, but here's where I
have a question. I've taken videos with the camcorder, but when I've
uploaded them to the 'net and played them on my pc, the sound quality is
very distorted!!! Does anyone know of any way to rectify this problem? It's
a small price to pay, if it can't be fixed I'll simply take videos without
the sound. But there are times where I'd like to ahve the sound, too. But
playing them of course with the distortion is a real problem. Can anyone
advise me of anything to fix this? Thank you in advance!!!

Loreal Lavigna
Avon Independent Sales/E-Representative
[email protected]

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