Hey guys, thought I'd pop in and post my wonderful ravings about a new
software I just received. Well, ok not so brand new, it's been around for a
bit. It's called Datapilot. Allows you to synch your cellphone with your pc.
Contacts, calendar, images, ringtone creator, wireless data connection,
ETC!!! I love it!!! Best of all, it works very well with software for blind
and or sight impaired. I should know, I am blind. I've been playing with it
all day long and I've fixed virtually every error in my contacts list on my
Sanyo MM8300, I've updated my calendar for at least the next 6months, and
now I'm downloading images taken with my camera phone onto my pc for storage
and backing up. I love this software!!! If you don't have it, I highly
recommend you try it out!!! Here's the link to Datapilot's website:

Loreal Lavigna
Avon Independent Sales/E-Representative
[email protected]

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