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    John Smith

    Brass AASR (Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite) Plaque

    This is a round/circular solid brass wall plaque that measures 8 inches in
    diameter. It is thick and heavy, weighing in at 5.990 pounds, or 5.15.5
    pounds (5 pounds, 15.5 ounces), or 2.72 kilograms, or 2720 grams. The
    subject is a Masonic double headed eagle with it's wings down. The eagle is
    perched on a sword that has a ribbon hanging from it bearing the words,
    "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS." There is a crown above the eagle's heads. Over the crown
    is the 33rd degree triangle with the number 33 affixed. The triangle a
    "Deity's Triangle" or "Water Triangle" (see pictures below) The letters AASD
    (I think AASR stands for Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite) are affixed being
    with AA above the eagle's right wing and SR being above the left wing. There
    is a hole that can be used to mount this wondeful and interesting plaque
    wherever it is deemed proper. This appears to have been cast in sand at the

    I do not know the origin of this. An antique dealer said that it should be
    at least 100 years old.

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    Re: Brass AASR (Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite) Plaque

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