I finally bought Treo 650 over the weekend, I did not have much time to play
around with it but I like it very much. I did not care about internet
connectivity so I decided not to wait for 700P.

I wish it vibrated little bit harder, I cannot feel it while it is in my shirt

Is there a calendar replacement program that will allow me to silence the
ringer during event. While I am in meeting, I usually turn off the sound, but
after the meeting I forget to turn it back on. It would be nice to have an
option that you can set so that ringer will be turned off duging the even and
turn it on after the event is finished.

How do you turn off the device? According to the manual if I keep the power
button (red phone symbol) pressed for the few seconds, it will turn off the
phone side of the device. How do I turn off Palm side of the device?

In my previous phone (Sanyo RL-2500), the LED blinked whenever I had
a voice mail or text message, and kept on blinking until I took care of them.
How can I do that on TREO? I have set it up to remind me twice, but ifI get
a text message or voice mail during the night I do not know it in the morning
unless I turn on the device.

Where can I find a good calculator for treo?

In order to add new ringtones do I need vision or can I add them through palm

In the phone number how do I add pause? I use calling card to call
international numbers, so I want to dial a access number then wait to few
seconds and then enter pin number, wait for few sconds and then enter the
phone number. How do I do it in Treo? Does ',' (comma) add pause like in other
dial-up programs on windows and Linux?

Where is the headphone jack, the headset jack seems to be thinner than a
standard headphone jack? I want to copy mp3 files to the expansion card
and listen to the music on TREO.

How do I find out what version of Palm OS I am running? The software CD
came with Palm upgrades but I am not sure if I need an upgrade. When I am
looking at Palm software sometimes they only mention supported Palm OS version
and I am not sure if it will work with my TREO.

Which bluetooth headset works best with Treo?

I will probably have more questions as I start using it more, I am replacing
HP IPAQ with Treo.


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