I've had this problem since Sprint decided (from what I've read elsewhere at
least), decided to split their PRL's up based on country.

I live in El Paso, Texas, which is all but MINUTES from Mexico; now, every
time I go to Mexico, obviously I can't use my phone (I'm sure if I added
some kinda international package or what have you, I could; but I don't need
to, or want to).

The problem however is, for starters, when coming back into Texas, the phone
will NOT go back into Sprint service. I power the phone off, let it stay off
for 2 minutes or so, remove the battery, turn it back on, still, goes back
to Digital Roam. Try to place a call, and get a Mexican recording telling me
that the number doesn't exist, and so forth.

No biggie... just flip it back to Sprint only, and it works - now, before
everyone says 'why don't you just leave it on Sprint only' - simple, I don't
want to. I mean, that's not a big deal either, leaving it on it; but hey,
the plan I have includes roaming, so I figure if I'm in the US, it's safe to
leave it on 'automatic'.

Now, as an aside, this happens with all my phones (at least the 3 that I
have in my possession, A900, A920, and A940), as well as my friends MM-5600,
and his wife's VM-4500 (so it's not an 'power vision/evdo phone only issue).

Anyhow, the just of it, is that from time to time, in the CITY (in Texas, in
the US), the phone goes into 'digital roam' - it did it today for a good
hour. I tried to call out, and guess what, Mexican recording, each and every

Turned it off, turned it on, removed battery, etc. Set it to Sprint Only,
and it kept 'searching for service' (I assume I was in an area w/ little to
no Sprint coverage), but yet, a good 10-12 miles from MEXICO itself.

I did a little research and found that its using the following:

Priority 2
25100 PCS RM Operadora Unefon (Mexico)
SCAN 25A 200A 350D 375D 725E 50A 475B 175A 250A 500B 325D 750E

I got that from a PRL interpretation at mountainwireless; I'm not very
technically inclined in regards to the PRL, etc, but when I look at my phone
info (settings, phone info, advanced), I see that its using SID 25100, so I
searched for it, and that's what came up.

Now, I also noticed that in El Paso, the handset SHOULD be using Verizon as
RM, but instead, it seems it's using this Mexican carrier. I know that in
other areas of the city, if I force the handset to ROAM only, it will pickup

Now, the PRL interpretation I got this from was 10030 (I realize EVDO PRL is
20220 or something), but I'd think they'd be somewhat the same.

Anyhow, I'll shut up now and just get to the point.

Is there any way on earth to convey to SPRINT, what is going on. I've
already tried to explain it to Technical Support, and their only answer is
"Leave your phone on Sprint Only" - I don't see WHY, when I have the roaming
package on there, it just doesn't make sense.

Anyone have any ideas, or suggestions as to how to make them understand, or
to get in touch with someone who can (I know this is a LONGSHOT), change the
darn PRL.


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