I added another line to my Sprint PCS account back in April, and at the time
the guy I arranged the new service with (this was at a Sprint company store,
talking to an assistant manager) mentioned, "Hey, does Vision on your PPC-6700
actually work?" (I received the PPC-6700 last December; Vision has always
worked just fine on it, thank you) "The code in here for it is really old..."
(I previously had a VM5500 and prior to that some Samsung phone and used
Vision on them -- no problems, and that's presumably where the old code came
from) "Let me change it to a newer code!"

Well, great, the guy made the change, but guess what? My old Vision plan had
unlimited text messaging included in the $15/month price, whereas the new one
doesn't. So for the same price, I ended up losing a valuable feature.
@#%#$%#$% I expect that what the guy saw was that the old code was for a
"regular" Vision plan and figured that it wouldn't work on an EVDO capable
phone such as the PPC-6700, i.e., that a PowerVision plan was required (even
though my PPC-6700 had worked just fine in EVDO areas, and the data speeds
were clearly EVDO and not 1x); this seems to be a common point of confusion
for Sprint personnel, based on the posts here.

Anyway, then, I called up Sprint using the phone number from gethuman.com, and
spoke to a guy who was surprisingly knowledgeable (hooray for gethuman.com!).
He attempted to re-instate my old Vision plan but -- no surprise here -- the
code is no longer accepted by the system. He then talked to his supervisor,
who instead put on a new code so that supposedly I'll have the next year of
text messaging for free (well, included with my plan, that is), and the
account will be annotated such that if I call back in a year, I should be able
to repeat the process.

I'm a little leery of what's *really* going to happen in a year, but for the
moment I'm happy. Moral of the story: Don't let anyone at Sprint delete your
old Vision codes if you're happy with the service, even if they "think" the
current codes "shouldn't work!"

---Joel Kolstad

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