I like toys and I love sports so I have had my eye on the MOBILE ESPN phone.

I currently have Verizon service and use a VX8100.

The V-Cast is an additional $15/month for unlimited use and is air-time

MOBILE ESPN has the Fan 400 (400 minutes) for $40 and the Ultimate Sports
Package that gives full video content is an additional $24 per month.

I have been experimenting with the V-CAST and it does have some ESPN content
and the video's are downloadable where at MLB.com and Fox Sports are not.

Unfortunately I cannot move ESPN videos to my storage card. Is that a
feature of the VX8100 and has that changed with later phones?

This fall MOBILE ESPN plans to make available college football games on a 45
second delay live broadcast. Some of ESPN's shows are availabe on live

V-CAST does not offer any live broadcast.

Just wondering if anyone else can add their two cents about the two services
and sports content.