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    For myself I plan on the Sanyo 8400, but for my wife I need one with very
    visable numbers and very good speakerphone. She has a lot of hearing loss. I
    suppose I will end un at a Sprint store soon to check them out but just
    wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions before I get caught up with
    the salesperson first. Just by looking online I would guess the Katan looks
    good but am not sure of clarity of speaker. I have lg4500 from Verizon right
    now and a Nokia from Sprint. Will be changing after the contract is up as
    the Sprint gives me better service. Don't care about camera or other stuff
    for my wife's phone as she does not use anything but the phone service.

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    Re: Picking out phones

    Checkout the Sanyo 4930, it has a very nice speakerphone and
    the reception is excellent.


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    Re: Picking out phones

    Only see the 4920 on the website. Maybe they have them in the stores. Will
    take a look at that one also. I have a Sprint place not too far from me.
    Hopefully they have working models. I know when I went to Verizon many of
    the phones there were just dummies.

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