I am not getting much assistance from Sprint, so I wonder if someone
who has the A900M can assist me. The manual hasn't been much help
either. I got this phone last week and while I like it, I have three

I use the voice dictation for text messages. I love that this phone can
do this (hate typing on the keypad) but have some problems:

1. Once I dictate a message, the phone will automatically try and
"correct" the message to fix any incorrect words, etc. Well, 80% of
the time it takes a message that is fine and screws it up, meaning I
then had to go back and edit and fix what the phone screwed up. Can
this be turned off?

2. Can I teach it new words? I have some words and names I use often.
As an example, I have a friend named "James". When I say "James" I can
"James" half the time and "Janie" or "Jean" the rest. I wish there was
a way to tell the phone "JAMES" is "JAMES" or teach it common words it
seems to have a hard time with.

3. After about 3 dictation messages, the phone freezes when I switch to
dictation mode and I have to restart it to get back in. I have all the
software updates, anyone else have this happen?


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