I installed GoodLink on my Treo 650 to access an Exchange email

For a number of reasons I decided I wasn't interested in using the
software - including the programmed necessity that I password
protect my Treo. (Every hour my Treo would lock itself, there is no
option to not have a password.)

So I followed the directions at <http://www.good.com/faq/17475.html>
and deleted the GoodLink software.

After a soft reset, I noticed the GdInstall program was still there.
Manually deleted it.

An hour later, I was prompted to password protect the Treo. It no
longer *required* me to have a password, but the prompt to do it
still came up.

Tried a hard reset of the Treo. GdInstall showed up again. An hour
later, a prompt to Password protect.

Clearly GoodLink is hiding somewhere (in ROM?) and is not being
totally removed like it should be. While I'm no longer required to
have a Password, the hourly prompt to create one is just as
annoying. And every time I do a soft or hard reset, GdInstall

A cursory search with FileZ doesn't show any recognizable hidden

How do completely eliminate GoodLink and/or stop the Treo from
prompting me to create a password?

Running Palm OS Garnet 5.4.8 on the Sprint PCS network.


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