Republican is a gang member who commits crime as a pure predator acting
alone then seeking protection from "the party" after the fact.. The
Republican is a serial rapist, heroin pusher, etc.

One example is serial rapist Harold John "Hal" Daub of Omaha, Nebraska, of
the Bush Administration.


Others are Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, etc.

Democrat is a gang member in the United States masquarading as a legitimate
citizen who has organized his gang into positions of trust. They use the
rape of women and children by Republicans to advance their own agendas in
life, whether their personal careers or political party's agenda at the
expense of the victim(s) of the Republican. The victim's well being was
never a matter of concern, nor justice. Democrats commit crime as a gang.

Examples are Mike Fahey and Ben Nelson who ignore complaints of rape and
police conspiracy sent them by the victims of a Republican serial rapist so
they can be used as leverage (blackmail) for "The Party's" agenda (Nelson)
or personal career goals (Fahey).

Another example is organized labor ([email protected] Local 385).

All the while the rapist laughs and keeps on raping men, women and children,
poisoning kids with heroin, etc.

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