ok... now that I have some basic info,
looking for more exact details..
We are running Exchange Server, but no POP3,
and we are looking for complete sync of email, cal, contacts, sent items,

For anyone that has Exchange Server running their email system
and has implemented the Active Sync -
We are looking for some details on exactly what you need to do,
and where & how it is implemented to service several phone users, not just
one ?

A PDF instruction / install manual would be great to find ??

We have the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) software running
to capture and forward Exchange traffic to Blackberry users
and we are wondering how the Sprint solution will install and co-exist with

Will it work the same general way, to capture traffic for a list of specific
users, and then use Sprint to deliver it to the phone/pda ?

tnx for any specific and detailed help -

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