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    My husband has a Fujitsu laptop (less than 18 months old) running XP.
    He is unable to install ActiveSync on the machine. We've turned off all
    non-essential services including firewall, AV, etc.

    The installer stops with a very enigmatic "unable to complete
    installation, please restart" or something along those lines.
    Subsequent attempts produce a gripe from the installer about a failed
    installation and please reinstall.

    Endless do-loop.

    We've used both the OEM CD that came with our Moguls (two phones, two
    CDs, both fail installation on the laptop) and the current ActiveSync
    download from MS.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: ActiveSync installation problems

    Kathleen Anderson wrote:
    > This ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide
    > Installation may help:

    That's a FAQ I hadn't found, thanks. I'll have a closer look tomorrow
    and see if it's any help.

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