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    Hello, I downloaded .jar and .jad files and transferred them to the
    muziq via a usb cable but now don't know what to do to install them. Can
    anyone help me out?

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    Hairy Buddah

    Re: lg muziq question

    I can't use a WAP uploader as my phone does not have internet access.

    I am using bitpim so I can place the .jad and .jar files wherever they
    need to go. I have tried adding a new sub folder to the brew folder as
    number 25, then placed the files in there. No joy. I did not rename
    them 25.jar and 25.jad.

    I tried replacing the files in file 21. I don't play poker. It just
    broke the poker program. I was able to get the poker program back by
    replacing the files.

    Cmon guys, what does it take?



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