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    Has anyone bought this phone yet. What you think of the S1?


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    Re: New >> Sanyo S1

    PMP4Hire wrote:
    > Has anyone bought this phone yet. What you think of the S1?
    > Tom

    Hey Tom,

    I got one last Sunday. Free with a 2 year re-new of my agreement, plus
    $150 rebate because of the "New For You" program. So after taxes, I got
    paid $134 dollars to upgrade my phone. Go figure?

    Anyway, I upgraded from a 4920. The S1 is much lighter, and less bulky.
    So far I like. The keypad on it is quite clumsy compared to the 4920,
    but I don't do much text messaging.

    The big downer though is the bluetooth data. I was hoping to pair it
    with my Nokia N800 (it pairs and dials out to Vision, getting an Error
    67 ;-) no NAI override like the Samsungs on the Sanyos, boooo) and surf
    the web with Vision and bluetooth DUN. Come to find out, you can pay as
    you go with Vision ($.03KB) on the handset, but not with the bluetooth
    DUN. You *HAVE* to have a "Phone as a Modem" plan. It is kinda steep as
    you probably know, and doesn't make a lot of sense for this phone. Why
    should I pay $50 a month for 1xRTT speeds when everyone else is getting
    EV-DO speeds for the same price?

    They do have a "Pay as you go. Phone as a modem" (what corpspeak!) plan.
    $39.99, gives you 40MB, after that it is $.001/KB and maxes out at $70

    Both of these data plans require a *SEPARATE* 2 year agreement on top of
    the voice agreement. Ouch! If I have to cancel my phone, that is
    probably $400 in cancellation fees.

    I would rather just use it when I need to (only 4 or 5 times a month)
    and just pay the data charges (e-mail headers, text web browsing, and IM
    on the Nokia N800), but they don't offer it that way.

    I hope that helps!


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    Re: New >> Sanyo S1

    PMP4Hire wrote:
    > Rob:
    > Thank you for the feedback, I'm very familar with the 4920 and
    > I'd like a basic phone to replace my Sanyo SCP 7000 flip phone
    > that I've grown to hate.
    > So, reception and speaker phone is what's important to me.
    > Thanks,
    > Tom

    The reception seems similar, although the internal antenna on the S1 is
    near the bottom of the handset, under the microphone. The speakerphone
    audio is much more tinnier than the 4920, but doesn't suffer from the
    clipping problem the 4920 had.

    Also, the S1 doesn't suffer from the sweetspot issue the 4920 had where
    you had to put it right over your ear to hear it.

    Hope that helps!


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