I just picked up a new Sprint USB internet card. It works great. I had
checked the internet and my local Sprint store and the best they could do
for me was $60 unlimited access and I had to buy the card.
I have a friend that works at a radio shop and he got me the USB card for
FREE and $45 a month Unlimited Access.

He said that it can be done for anyone and anywhere that Sprint has service
so, if anyone is interested, call Tyler Smith at 702-604-4395. He's a real
busy guy so if you get his voice mail, leave a msg and he will call you back
ASAP. Make sure you mention in your msg the call is about the special
internet card deal so he knows what's going on. You can even use my name so
he knows more what it's about. My name is Juan.

This is for new activations only.

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