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    Roger 2008
    Story posted: April 23, 2008 - 1:35 pm EDT

    Sprint Nextel Corp. is quietly dropping its Voice Command service in July.

    The carrier is informing customers via its Web site that it will discontinue
    the server-based offering, which allows users to dial two buttons then give
    voice commands to place calls. The service, which is available on any Sprint
    Nextel CDMA phone, includes a Web-based address book that can be accessed by
    voice, online and through Sprint 411.

    See More: Sprint Nextel: Drop Voice Command

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    Jerome Zelinske

    Re: Sprint Nextel: Drop Voice Command

    They sent me a letter also. One of the things I used it for
    "Flight Information", was easy to use, until they changed the menus
    around and it did not go straight to flight information, so I am not
    going to miss it much. I will just have to use "Voice Commands" on the
    phone instead.

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