On Jun 18, 11:18*pm, SprintTreo9958 <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have been pestering my local Sprint Sellphone Palace about the
> national rollout of the Denver/Indianapolis Airave home femtocell.
> This would allow be to drop
> Vonage and use my Sprint phones in the house.
> http://www.sprintenterprise.com/aira...d.php?t=140231
> The rollout was supposed to start in April, but no news since Sept
> 2007.
> My local store mgr recently said the Airave has been discontinued.
> Does anyone know if this means they have dropped plans to rollout the
> Airave??
> I could really use this $50 VOIP Box for my Spint Cellphone vs a $600
> External to Internal Antenna Repeater system to help with signal
> coverage inside my house.
> Thats the main reason I still have a landline that I ported to
> Vonage. *Poor house cellphone reception.

The plan is to be rolling it out later this year per the info I have.
However, everything in this industry is subject to change.
They have stopped selling the Airaves completely however at this
point, as you pointed out, even in the test markets.

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