There's been a lot of talk about how the Instinct is a nice phone but it's
no substitute for an iPhone. So, assuming the HTC Touch Diamond (w/it's own
list of issues) never sets foot on the Sprint network, what could be done by
Samsung to improve the Instinct?

It seems to me it needs to a few things...

1) Clean up the interface and make it more "touch" interactive. It's still
too cluttered/busy. Think..."less is more"

2) Add wifi capability. Off-network, you're going no where w/o this.

3) Bigger/brighter screen! Stretch it out to the edges as much as possible,
even at the expense of shrinking or eliminating the hard touch buttons at
the bottom of the device.

4) Easy add-on apps. Apple was dead-on about making this aspect trivial for
end users.

- anthonyx26

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