On Jul 31, 4:27 am, zalel <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have a Treo 755, which I sync onto a Mac G4 running OS 10.5.4. Palm
> Desktop doesn't back up my SMS text messages, so I need to find an
> application which will do that. Can anyone make a suggestion?
> Thanks.

I actually haven't checked whether or not my SMS messages are getting
backed up - or to where - but you and I have the same hardware
configuration. I'm using Missing Sync for Palm, from MarkSpace
Software (markspace.com). They've been very good about coming out
with revisions to match changes in iCal, etc., and they've been
aggressively working on products to allow people to sync Windows
Mobile and Symbian handheld PDA phones to Macs.

That's not a testimonial, just an update on how I've been doing
things. If there is any testimony, it's that I paid to upgrade from
the prior version to this one.


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