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> iPhone to get Google Street view and other new goodies that make it
> even more desirable as a no cost upgrade with OS 2.2 for current
> users. The iPhone has hundreds of new and upgraded applications each
> day to choose from which is beging to overwhelm users who now have too
> much to pick from.

One of iPhone's problems is it's connected to a closed society of
Koolaid drinkers.....not the most prolific source of information and
storage on the planet, Google, with the billions of bucks to back it up.
iPhone's company has no services except to sell RIAA's products and a
few closed programs. That's not good enough any more.

One of the most interesting things I saw in the Flash Gphone program
your iPhone can't render on its own, is how integrated it is with the
really great information databases Google maintains, like Google Alerts,
Blog Search, Book Search, Checkout, Desktop, Earth, Finance, GooG-411,
Health, iGoogle, Images, Maps, News, Notebook, Patent Search, Special
Searches, Video, Web Search, Code, Custom Search, Labs and the comms and
show apps of Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Groups (even this one),
Knol, Orkut, Picasa, Reader, Sites, SketchUp, Google Talk, Translate,
YOU TUBE...already to go from the most massive server farm on the planet
backed by an amazing amount of money to serve it up. Google gets paid
to serve it up....not to sell it to you. Their whole corporate culture
is designed around market research, not consumer sales.

They don't need to re-invent these free products...they already existed.
All they needed to do is to couple them to the phone, something Google
is very masterful at doing...INHOUSE, not from 3rd party app developers.

Then, they just open the damned thing up to the open source community
across the planet like Linux and say, "Hey, see what you boys can make
it do that we haven't thought of, yet."

Gphone doesn't have to "get Google Street". It was DESIGNED TO SUPPORT
IT in the first place!

While you're drinking the KoolAid, go find a computer that will run a
real Flash program and watch it on:
If you install Chrome it looks very cool, indeed....(c;

Google's gonna kick somebody's ass. Sprint's pissed, and probably
Verizon, too, because Google left too much open for the carrier's
liking. Carriers need to beware. Google's big enough to get into the
WiMax and SELLPHONE business, too, if it takes a shine to it.....and
those other greedy bastards refuse to sell the Gphones......

Ask Yahoo, Jeeves, AltaVista or the other search engines what happens
when you piss them off......

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