JRW wrote:

> Other than the 4900's color screen and speakerphone,
> are there any significant differences that the spec
> sheets don't mention, i.e. voice quality, signal
> retention, USB connectivity, browser speed (the 4900's
> is deplorable),etc.
> I've used the older single-band 6000 and was pleased
> with it, although you really need a belt case for it
> as it falls out of a shirt pocket and might break if
> you have it in your back pocket when you sit down.

Just for the hell of it, I activated my old 6000 until
I get the 6400. One thing I noticed right off was the
better sound quality of the 6000.

I took both phones, the 4900 and 6000 and dialed *2 and
listened to the music. The quality was very clear on the
6000 where the 4900 sounds like it wasn't vocoding very
well (is that a word - vocoding?), anyway most of ya'll
know what I'm talking about. With the 6000, I could hear
every musical note; but with the 4900, some notes were
dropped or mumbled.

Another thing I noticed was the 6000 can't render some
web sites, like AccuWeather, but then its not a true
Vision phone, so that might be part of the problem. I'm
going to test the 6400 first before I buy.

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