Well, have been playing with one now non-stop for a week. The card is pretty
quick,works in my XP laptop very well. Also works good in my Casio E-115
PDA. The audio quality of it when you plug in a headset is "so-so". NOT
great but useable...thats the GOOD part....
The BAD part....while it seems to work well OUTSIDE and in highrise hotels,
it fails badly in a lot of newer buildings, speeds drop to almost zilch and
the connection seems to go away. It sure looks like the signal wont
penetrate the concrete and steel buildings well. The signal meter is VERY
slow to respond to the real readings. Looks like this goes back to Sprint
and going to try Verizon's high speed data service thru one of their newer
handsets and a data cable....
Any thoughts and/or comments? Eddie

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