Found four new towers along the I-10 that were not there on my trip last
year at this time!

1) Above the City of Banning on the hill top overlooking the I-10
bewteen Sunset Ave. & 8th Street. This site was just turned on last
month and is listed on the new Sprint coverage improvements web site. I
used to get 0-1 bar along the 10 going through Banning. I now get 2-3
bars. I used to complain that Cingular had two sites in Banning proper
and Sprint didn't have any. Well at least they have one good one now
that covers the city and freeway properly.

2) About 2 miles East of Banning in Cabazon right above the large
clothing outlet mall. (This is a few miles before you get to Hwy 111 to
Palm Springs). Palm tree is about 45 feet high and I now get 3-4 bars
along that 2 mile stretch where last year I had 1 if lucky.

3) In Arizona near the small city of Buckeye (about 30+ miles west of
Phoenix) along I-10 at the Jackrabbit trail exit. Monopole is about 100
feet high. I found this one on the FCC registration base: It's listed as
being constructed on 2/12/2003.

4) Near the small towns of Quartsite/Ehrenberg (about 20 miles East of
the CA/AZ border). This site was being constructed on my trip last year
but is now up and running. Coverage from this site lasted a long way so
it must be substantial.

Overall I'm now very satisfied with the coverage between LA and Phoenix.
Even before these new additions I thought coverage was decent. I think
they filled in the exact places they needed to to add icing on the cake.
Coverage in Phoenix is also stellar. I had 3-4 bars everywhere I went
both indoor and outdoor and Vision worked great.

Sprint user since 1997

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