Whether your are on a No-Roaming plan or not, if your phone is being picked
up by a non-Sprint cell-tower, it will show up as roaming. You simply
shouldn't be charged for it.

"mcdgi" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Day 11 of 14 day trial period
> We have most of our startup-new services issues with worked out Sprint,

> I think we are all set now except I can hardly wait to see what the bill
> looks like. Am very curious to know if anyone has gotten charged while on

> no roaming no ld plan, whats it called, free and clear America, as

> to free and clear without the America, which is national, only its not.
> My phone goes into roam - either digital or analog, alot, not more than

> of the time, and Sprint CS swears I am on a no roaming charge no LD plan.
> On the other hand, Sprint CS has been kinda goofy and while courteous and
> friendly, usually english speaking, I don't entirely trust them. I spent
> hours with them on my old ATT phone trying to get my picture uploads to
> work ("you have to take your battery out of the phone and put it back

> "your account appears to be properly configured".. "we have network
> congestion" .."your account is not properly configured".."I must reset

> password, leave your phone on but don't use it to even answer a call for

> next two hours..". Or the whole weird business with hooking up your

> ("its against the terms of service".."the terms of service were
> modified".."i never heard that that's against the terms of service, here

> how to hook it up..". )

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