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    Frank Harris
    My wife was just in British Columbia, Canada for a week with her Samsung
    3500. It has the latest VK05 firmware and the latest 10019 PRL. The
    3500 does CDMA 1900 and Analog 800 (no CDMA 800). She set her phone's
    roaming (Menu 3-1) to Automatic to see where and how it would work.
    When the bill comes in another 3-4 weeks, I'll report on the cost of the

    At her cousins' house in Aldergrove, BC (SE of Vancouver and just one
    mile north of the US border) she had native Sprint PCS coverage.

    From Prince George she made and received calls on analog roaming. She
    tried dialing 611 to hear the greeting that announced the carrier but
    got a recording asking her to enter her PCS number.

    In Prince Rupert, her phone had a strong analog roam signal, but she was
    unable to make a call and only heard a fast busy signal.

    On the train from Prince George to Prince Rupert and on the Inland
    Passage ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy her phone had no signal
    when she checked it every couple of hours.

    On the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver, the phone's display cycled
    through many modes (roaming and not, digital and analog), but she was
    unable to make a call.

    From the Vancouver airport (YVR) she called on digital roaming.

    All of the above experiences were less than I would have expected from
    the coverage maps of and However,
    even without seamless cellular coverage, the scenery was spectacular,
    the travelers got along, the locals were friendly, and the trip was great.

    Frank Harris in San Francisco with an A460

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    Re: British Columbia, Canada roaming report

    I had a couple that came in with a $1400 dollar bill from roaming in
    Canada, funny thing was is that they were using an LG 1010 - and they
    said it worked great .

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