I bought the Zero Install Hands-Free Car Kit and at first it worked
with my n400 phone but then it stopped working. I tried it using my
brothers A500 and it works with that phone. I then figured that the
N400 was defective so I called up Sprint and they sent me another N400
under the warrenty. I tried the new phone and it still does not work.
Is there a special setting on the phone to make this hands free kit
work on the N400? (This is the email that I sent to Samsung Tech

(their reply)
We can replace your accessory, if the accessory is still under a year
old and has not been physically damaged. Please contact us at
1-888-987-4357 for further assistance.

Technical Support

(my reply to them)
I know that the accessory works because I tried it with my brothers
Samsung a500 phone and it works. I know that there is nothing wrong
with the phone because under the warranty I got another brand new n400
but it still doesn't work. Has there been any new software upgrade of
the n400 recently? Because I had called customer support at Sprint and
for some reason the phone downloaded some software? I think that it
might have been a software problem because it worked at first and now
it doesn't.
Another thing that I've thought about is that I used the software from
futuredial.com called snapsync to enter all my phone numbers. It did
enter all my phone numbers successfully but the Zero Install
Hands-Free Car Kit stopped working sometime around that time. Any
ideas? Thanks for your help.

That last reply was the last email that I sent them on August 3, 2003
but I haven't gotten a reply. Also I can't return it because I bought
over 30 Days ago. Has anybody had this similar problem? If so were you
able to fix it and how?

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