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    travis patmore
    Hi I'm looking to purchase a used digital timeport P8767 in good working


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    Re: motorola timeport P8767

    Amen brother!

    IF my Startac ever dies I'll buy one off of Ebay or send it to Motorola and
    have them rebuild it. People tell me to "Get rid of that old Startac". The
    only thing that MIGHT make me give it up is the new PTT feature. That
    probably won't happen though since my girlfriend plans to stay with Verizon
    and I don't think that PTT will cross over from one provider to another
    although I may be wrong.

    They will have to pry the Startac from my cold, dead fingers.

    "DG12" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Hi,
    > Try eBay. I got a brand new (still with the plastic protectors on the
    > screen and battery) Timeport last summer for $100. It's a great phone,

    > cell I've ever had.
    > Don
    > [email protected]

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