Just got a Nokia 3585i w/ Sprint PCS service in the northeast US. I'm
very happy with this phone so far, with once big exception--a day or two
after I got it, I noticed that during a conversation the volume of the
person at the other end would change randomly.

Seems that about 30 seconds or so into a conversation, the volume of the
person on the other end will drop suddenly... then come back up, then drop
again. All the while I'm standing still, holding the phone properly so as
to not block the "internal antenna". Changing the speaker volume, even
slightly, can make the volume jump greatly as well. Rasing the external
antenna has no impact on this problem.

I followed all the directions in the manual upon getting the phone, the
battery was charged for 24 hours before I used it.

Is there some setting on the phone that can fix this? Did I get a bad
phone, or do all 3585i phones do the same thing? I doubt it's the network
as my old Samsung SPH-A400 never did this (though it had other issues of
it's own, for sure).

I'm a bit dismayed, as I really like the phone but the erratic call volume
is definitely a dealbreaker for me....

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