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    David Chui

    Re: POLL: How was your service during the blackout?

    Smac <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:[email protected]:

    > How was your carrier during the blackout?

    Verizon Wireless in Downtown Manhattan:

    Service started off being ok. After the first few hours, I still had my
    usual strong digital signal but had difficulty placing and receiving
    calls. If I tried calling my cell phone from a landline, not only did
    the cell phone not ring, I often didn't get forwarded to my voicemail
    either. Other people were able to leave some voicemails, but the VM
    indicator didn't show up until at least a day later. I tried switching
    to analog, and got a weak signal that was unusable for making calls (but
    this is typical of my experience trying to use analog in this area, even
    on a normal day).

    On Friday morning, with power restored to much of Downtown, the digital
    signal indicator was 0 or 1 bars (i.e., much worse than Thursday night).
    Still couldn't place or receive calls. I gave up and turned the phone
    off, so I don't know if it got better during the day. By Saturday,
    everything was fine.

    Several people I know elsewhere in Manhattan have Sprint PCS. Thursday
    evening, it took me over an hour to get through to them, calling
    repeatedly from my landline. Once connected, they were experiencing a
    higher than usual rate of dropped calls. So they weren't doing too well

    - David

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    Re: POLL: How was your service during the blackout?

    I was in midtown Manhattan when the black out occurred, and had no
    T-Mobile service right away, even after trying again numerous times.
    I was able to catch on a bus around the area of the 42nd St bus
    terminal to New Jersey, and it wasn't until we got near the Midtown
    Tunnel entrance area I was able to catch on with some signal to make
    calls, but then the signal didn't seem "consistent." Once we got over
    to the Jersey side the service seemed to be better. What I know for
    sure is, on the bus I was riding the only people who were able to make
    and receive calls were the those with Verizon phones. I guess you get
    what you pay for.

    Smac <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > How was your carrier during the blackout?
    > Here in the northern suburbs of Detroit:
    > Verizon: Reliable
    > Sprint: Very poor or no service
    > Cingular: Very poor or no service (second hand account from reliable
    > source).
    > Nextel: No service
    > AT&T: ???
    > T-Mobile: ???
    > This was with some fairly extensive driving throughout Macomb County and
    > reports from Oakland county.
    > What were your experiences?
    > S

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