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> 1) I bought a phone and agreed to a contract. Sprint had service in

> Elm, now they don't. Is THAT my fault?

>All of these questions are the same kind of diversion you've utilized
>throughout this hissy fit you call a response. None of them address
>what I've just been speculating on: that you called *2 and refused to go
>to a store until they "gave" you something to make it worth your time.

What diversion? Put up or shut up, troll. You said that I was avoiding
taking ANY blame. I'm asking you to POST where this incident was MY fault.
You CAN'T.

>That is NOT to say it's not understandable. The part you keep
>forgetting, Justin, is that NO ONE is saying you weren't in a bad
>situation, OR that we didn't mess up in our treatment of the situation.

No, you just said that some of this was my fault. I asked you to post which
part you feel MAY have been my fault. You can't.

>What I *am* saying is that there is no detail, not one, where you're
>willing to realize that demanded Solution A when there might have been a
>Solution B if you looked for it.

Why should I have to provide solutions to a problem. YOU poeple are
customer service. I have a problem, I'm freaking paying you for a service
that isn't working, YOU provide the solutions. Please tell me a solution I
didn't try. I did EVERYTHING *2 and the stores told me to in order to
resolve the problem and stay with Sprint. Again, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Post a
solution I didn't try that I should have thought of myself.

>OK, so we didn't tell you about it.
>Do you know how few people are interested in a mail-in rebate in the
>midst of technical problems? The number very closely approximates zero.

No, you damn sure didn't. I could have got another $60 off the phones.
Instead, I missed that $60 because Sprint wanted to do me a "favor". Got
That signifies a LARGE problem. People go into the stores and you claim to
offer these rebates, but you have to read the fine print to find them.

>My speculation, several times, and which you've refused to address, is
>that you demanded up front rebates, and you got what we had to give to a
>pre-existing customer.

I HAVE addressed this. I DID NOT demand ANY up front discount. All I
demanded was a phone that worked in my area, an area where Sprint ADVERTISES

>> 2) I updated the software, that didn't work. Is THAT my fault?


>>3) I went BACK to the store to let them run diagnostics on the phone.

>> passed. They still didn't get a signal in Little Elm. Is THAT my fault?


>> 4) I took reconditioned phones that were supposed to work better. That
>> didn't work. Is THAT my fault?


>> 5) At the recommendation of *2 and store personnel, I bought two NEW

>> They didn't get a signal, either. Is THAT my fault?

>>Nope. But then, I've NEVER spoken of them as if they are your fault.
>>Any of them.

No, here's what you said, you twisting little twit:

"You are bound and determined to avoid admitting ANY minor fault or failure
on your
part, and there is nothing to discuss in that case."

Again, I ask you, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. What was my fault?

If I screwed up, I will admit it. But since I did EVERYTHING *2 and store
reps told me to, that certainly seems like it wasn't my fault at any point.

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