Hi everyone:

New to the group and to the Sprint PCS Community. :-)

I recently purchased a Sprint N400 PCS Phone with PCS Vision and all that
stuff, but I have noticed that that "crazychicken" ringer IS NOT a very good
ringer (especially if the volume is somehow turned down too low). It's also
a STUPID sounding one too. Yet, on other people's phones, you can hear that
"buzzing" (for lack of a better term) sound nearly a half block away if they
have it turned up high enough.

THAT is the type of ringer *I* need. I need one which I can hear in all
sorts of environments. I use this phone at home (it's my only phone as I
dumped QWORST and couldn't get Comcast Digital Phone due to a technical
problem, so I decided to go wireless) as well as when I'm out and about. I
often carry the phone in my pocket when I'm out (20 years ago, this wouldn't
have been possible). As such, I need to have a ringer which I can hear
THROUGH my clothing.

I tried some ringer website using my phone (I get wireless Internet access
with my account too :-)), but I had to BUY the ringer!!! WHY SHOULD I HAVE

If anyone has any ideas as to other places I might go to download a ringer
I'll like WHICH IS FREE, please post the URL here (if that is allowed) and
I'll get on the web with my phone to download it/them.

MANY thanks in advance :-)

Cheers for now :-)

Patrick Cook
[email protected]
Denver, Colorado

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